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3. The modules and their functions  ^


[divider module]
- divider

Use this input for the signal you wish to divide the signal of. Ideally, the input should be a rectangle wave having at least a 3Vp-p level, but you can also use a triangle wave or any other waveform as long as it is 3Vp-p, since the VTH (threshold level) is set at about 1V. Note, however, that regardless of the input waveform, the output waveform is always a rectangle or pulse wave.
[two] /2 OUTPUT
Provides a rectangle or pulse wave output having a frequency half that of the input signal (the output pitch is one octave lower than the input).
[three] /4 OUTPUT
Provides an output signal (rectangle or pulse) frequency 1/4 that of the input signal (the output pitch is two octaves lower than the input).

This module divides or quarters the input signal frequency, but it cannot provide the same type of waveform as the input. Nevertheless, you can produce many effects with this capability alone. For example, by passing a trigger signal through the divider before applying it to an EG, you can get the EG to begin operation once out of every two times, or once out of every four times. The divider may seem to be a relatively simple device, but the more you experiment, the more interesting effects you will be able to use it for.

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