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3. The modules and their functions  ^


[noisegen module]
- noise generator

Provides a pink noise signal. Pink noise has a greater proportion of lower frequencies than high. So it is perfect for effects like thunder or waves. You can also use pink noise as a modulating signal to produce irregular changes.
White noise is equally intense at all frequencies. Use it as a basic sound source for synthesizing wind, rain and similar effects. It May also be used as a modulating signal to obtain the characteristic sound of a musician's breath when playing wind instruments.

In the beginning of this manual we touched on the subject of noise, but hardly began to describe its wide range of applications as a signal source. Noise signals are unique in that they have no clear pitch, and contain a mixture of all frequencies together. You can take advantage of these characteristics by using noise as a sound source for special effects, and as a control signal for irregular modulation.

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