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3. The modules and their functions  ^


[vca 1 module]
- voltage controlled amplifier

[one] VCA CV INTENSITY (control voltage sensitivity)
Adjusts the VCA input sensitivity to the control signal being used. The actual effect of this knob is to control the volume of the VCA output signal.
In contrast to the low-pass filter in the VCF module, this filter passes higher frequencies and attenuates lower frequencies. Use this job to adjust the cut-off frequency.
[three] SIGNAL INPUT (for sound signal)
The VCA affects the volume of the audio signal that you connected to this input jack. As is also true for the VCF, you will get best results with a +3Vp-p input signal. Therefore, use the volt meter to measure the voltage of the audio signal before connecting it to this jack.
[four] VCA CV INPUT (control voltage input)
This jack is for the control voltage signal which determines how much the VCA will amplify the audio signal. In most cases the EG-1 module's [ms50 env1] output is the best control signal to connect to this jack.
[five] SIGNAL OUT (sound signal output jack)
This output jack gives you the audio signal after it has passed through the VCA. From here you can connect it to the Korg KA-180 keyboard amplifier or other PA system. You can also connect it to the attenuator input jack of the MS-01 which you can then use as a volume pedal.

The VCA raises and lowers volume depending on the control voltage level. In most cases this means using the EG envelope signal to control volume changes over time. Of course you can also use other modules or external units to control the VCA if you want very unusual effects, or perhaps no volume changes at all. If you do connect other modules besides the EG to the VCA CV INPUT, keep in mind that the VCA will only produce volume changes in the audio signal over a 0V to +5V range in the control voltage signal. Therefore if a module's output does not cover this range, you will have to use the adding amp or other signal processor modules to change the control signal's voltage.

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