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3. The modules and their functions  ^


[vco module]
- voltage controlled oscillator

[two] SCALE (Octave selector)
Raises or lowers the output signal pitch in one octave steps.
[two] PITCH
Use to tune to the pitch of other instruments.

PW/PWM (Pulse Width/Pulse Width Modulation)
Adjusts pulse width duty ratio when no PWM input is patched in. With MG, EG, or other PWM input, this adjusts sensitivity (intensity of pulse width modulation.)

Adjusts the intensity of frequency modulation (FM) from MG, EG, MS-01, etc.
[six] VCO CV INPUT Hz/V (VCO CV linear input)
Use this input when you want the VCO frequency to vary in direct proportion to the voltage of the control signal input. Connect MS-10, MS-20, and similar KBD CV OUT jacks to this input jack. (8mV gives 1Hz, at 8' scale setting.)
[seven] VCO CV INPUT Oct/V (VCO CV non-linear input)
Here the VCO frequency varies exponentially in relation to the control voltage. Use this input for connection from the KBD CV OUT of Oct/V type synthesizers.
[eight] [nine]

For frequency modulation of VCO pitch by means of MG, EG, MS-01, or other output signals. At maximum sensitivity, a one volt change in control voltage gives a one octave variation in pitch.

Connect MG, EG, or other outputs to this input to vary (modulate) pulse width duty ratio.
[eleven] [twelve] [thirteen]

Output jacks for the VCO waveforms. Choose the waveform according to the kind of timbre you want. You can also use the adding amp to mix two or more outputs.



The VCO, with its jacks and knobs, lets you control pitch and select the waveform that will determine basic timbre. As mentioned earlier, there are two VCO CV INPUT jacks on this module. These are for the keyboard, sequencer, or other control voltage signals that you are using to "play" the synthesizer. One of these jacks is marked Hz/V and is a linear input. The other is marked Oct/V and is a non-linear input. When using Korg (MS-10, MS-20, etc.) or Yamaha synthesizers, connect their keyboard output (KBD CV OUT) to the MS-50 Hz/V jack (6). When using the Korg SQ-10 Analog Sequencer or other manufacturer's synthesizers, connect KBD CV OUT to the MS-50 Oct/V jack (7).

When using modules such as the MG, EG and S/H to vary the VCO oscillator frequency, connect their outputs to the FM A/B input jacks (8 & 9), and use the FM intensity (4 & 5) knobs to adjust the depth of the effect. For pulse width modulation effects such as phasing and chorus, the control signal you use to vary the pulse width duty ratio should be connected to the PWM input jack (10). Use the PW/PWM knob (3) to adjust the intensity of the effect. Refer to section 1: "What you need to know to synthesize sounds" for information about the characteristics of the different waveforms: [vco waveforms] etc.

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