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Overview of Specifications  ^

1 VCO monophonic patchable (modular) synthesizer

Voltage Controlled Oscillator -
- Scale: 32', 16', 8', 4'
- VCO waveforms: triangle, saw, pulse
- VCO module inputs: Oct/V; Freq. A; Freq. B; PWM
- VCO module outputs: triangle; saw; pulse

Voltage-controlled low-pass filter -
- Fc & peak controls
- VCF cutoff FM control
- VCF module inputs: signal in; cutoff frequency
- VCF module output: signal out

Voltage Controlled Amplifier -
- Low cut filter & intensity controls
- VCA module inputs: signal in; control in
- VCA module output: signal out

Envelope Generator 1 -
- Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release controls
- EG 1 module input: trigger in
- EG 1 module outputs: 2 x positive-going; 1 x negative-going

Envelope Generator 2 -
- Hold, Delay, Attack & Release controls
- EG 2 module input: trigger in
- EG 2 module outputs: 2 x positive-going; delay trigger out

Modulation Generator (LFO) -
- Frequency, PW/PWM & FM intensity controls
- MG module inputs: freq. in; PWM in
- MG module outputs: triangle; saw; inverted saw; square (PW) out

Additional modules/features include:
Adding amplifier; Voltage supply; Integrator (slew generator); Inverter;
additional VCA; Ring Modulator; Sample & Hold; Noise Generator; Divider;
audio amplifier; voltmeter; trigger switch; multiples - 3 x 3, 1 x 6; headphone amplifier.

"The ultimate in custom synthesis - all modules are independent for full patching system creativity.

Each module (VCO, VCF, VCA, etc.) is independent from every other module so you can set up your own patches exactly the way you want.
With the MS-50, the sounds you create are completely your own. Since there are no arbitrary internal connections, you can explore the sphere of sound synthesis without restrictions. As an incredibly flexible main unit for non-keyboard controlled synthesis, the MS-50 is unparalleled."

"Patch system expansion unit with independent modules for complete programming flexibility.

Equipped with a range of modules you would expect to find on a studio-type synthesizer, the MS-50 includes VCO, VCF, VCA, two envelope generators, voltage controlled modulation generator, 3-channel DC voltage mixer (adding amp), ring modulator, divider, integrator, inverter and sample & hold. All connections are made externally via the complete patch system to give you unrestricted control."

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