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Overview of Specifications ^

There are four standalone devices in this group, as follows:
MS-01 Foot Controller
  "the universal foot controller for live performance."
MS-02 Interface
  "for complete connection compatibility between the MS-Series and every other type of synthesizer system in the world."
MS-03 Signal Processor
  "now guitar, brass or vocals can control a synthesizer"
MS-04 Modulation Pedal
  "simultaneous VCO and VCF modulation"

MS-01 Foot Controller specifications ^

1. VOLTAGE PROCESSOR [bullet] Outputs x 2 (0V~+4v, 0V~-4v)
2. ATTENUATOR [bullet] Input x 1, Output x 1 (0~100%)
3. DIMENSIONS [bullet] 100 (W) x 60 (H) x 250 (D) mm
4. WEIGHT [bullet] 0.9 kg
5. POWER CONSUMPTION [bullet] Dry Battery (006P x 1.9V)

"With the MS-01, you can control all synthesizer modules by foot, a real help when performing live.

[bullet]Connect the MS-01 voltage processor section to the synthesizer's VCF and use it like a wah-wah pedal to control tone color.

[bullet]Use the MS-01 as a volume pedal by connecting the attenuator section between a synthesizer and amp.

[bullet]Or, use it to control vibrato depth by connection it between the modulation generator and VCO of your synthesizer."

MS-01 owner's manual

MS-02 Interface specifications ^

1. LOG AMPLIFIER [bullet] Tuning
[bullet] Width
[bullet] Hz/V input (0~15V)
[bullet] Oct/V Output (-12V~+12V)
2. ANTILOG AMPLIFIER [bullet] Tuning
[bullet] Width
[bullet] Oct/V input (-4V~+4V)
[bullet] Hz/V output (-12V~+12V)
3. ADDING AMPLIFIER [bullet] Channel 1 level control
[bullet] Channel 2 level control
[bullet] Input Channel 1
[bullet] Input Channel 2
[bullet] Output
4. TRIGGER PROCESSORS x 2 [bullet] Trigger indicator
[bullet] Reverse switch
[bullet] Input (Vth=+2.5V)
[bullet] Output (0V~+15V)
5. OTHERS [bullet] Power switch
[bullet] Pilot lamp
6. JUNCTIONS [bullet] 4 x 2
[bullet] 3 x 1
7. DIMENSIONS [bullet] 283 (W) X 110 (H) X 195 (D) mm
8. WEIGHT [bullet] 2.2kg
9. POWER CONSUMPTION [bullet] Voltage (local voltage, 50/60Hz), wattage (5W)

MS-02 owner's manual

MS-03 Signal Processor specifications ^

1. INSTRUMENT INPUT [bullet] Level control
[bullet] Peak level indicator
[bullet] Range (Low=70Hz~1.4kHz / High=140Hz~2.8kHz)
[bullet] Mode (1,2,3)
[bullet] Signal input
2. PORTAMENTO [bullet] Time control
[bullet] Remote switch input
3. PROCESSOR OUTPUTS [bullet] Hz/V CV adjust
[bullet] Oct/V frequency adjust
[bullet] Oct/V width adjust
[bullet] Trigger indicator
[bullet] CV output: Hz/V (0~8V); Oct/V (+1~+5V)
[bullet] Trigger output :
[bullet] Envelope follower output:
[bullet] Direct output:
[bullet] CV HOLD Remote input:
[bullet] CV & TRIG HOLD Remote input
[bullet] TRIG CANCEL Remote input
4. OTHERS [bullet] Power switch
[bullet] Pilot lamp
5. DIMENSIONS [bullet] 283(W) x 110(H) x 195(D) mm
6. WEIGHT [bullet] 2.4kg
7. ACCESSORIES [bullet] Foot switch (S)

MS-03 owner's manual

MS-04 Modulation Pedal specifications ^

1. LFO: [bullet] Mode: (, , RANDOM, GLISSANDO)
[bullet] Speed (0.3~14Hz)
[bullet] Level:
(OUT-1: =1~+1V, =0<>+1V,;
RANDOM = -1~+1V, GLISSANDO = 0 > +/-1V;
OUT-2: OUT-1 x 4)
2. BEND: [bullet] Width (OUT-1: -1~0~+1V, OUT-2: OUT-1 x 4)
3. OUTPUT: [bullet] OUT-1 (x 1)
[bullet] OUT-2 (x 4)
[bullet] Selector x 2 (LFO, LFO+BEND, BEND)
[bullet] Output switch (1, 1+2, 2)
4. DIMENSIONS: [bullet] 100(W) x 60(H) x 250(D)mm
5. WEIGHT: [bullet] 0.9kg
6. BATTERIES: [bullet] 006P x 2, +/-9V
7. ACCESSORIES: [bullet] Batteries (006P) x2

MS-04 owner's manual

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