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12-step analog sequencer

3 control channels (A,B & C) -
Voltage pots for each step on each channel
Voltage output for channel A, B & C
Trigger output and led for each step
Range controls (+-1v/+5v) for channels A & B

Portamento control for channel A & B
Duty (pulse) width control

Start/stop & step buttons
Tempo control ('Voltage Controlled Clock Generator') with tempo indicator led
Mode selector - 6 positions for selecting sequence (step & one-time and loop play) modes

Multiple trigger output
Reset trigger input
Step input
Start/stop input
Inputs for external cv control of clock speed
2-channel Analog mixer


We designed the SQ-10 analog sequencer to give you added versatility when using MS-series, PS-series, or other synthesizers.

Patch the SQ-10 to your synthesizer just as you would interconnect patch panels, then set up the sequence you want.

Connect the SQ-10 to the MS-10 and it will automatically perform 24-note sequences with varied pitch and rhythm.

Or, set it up so that the tone color changes automatically as you play the synthesizer keyboard. The SQ-10 generates independent trigger signals so you can program complex rhythms. Connecting it to several synthesizers together - the MS-10 and MS-20 for example. Use the SQ-10 to control the VCO, VCF and EG of any synthesizer equipped with control signal input jacks for its modules.


[bullet]Performs studio-grade 12-step, 3-channel sequences; maximum steps in a sequence is 24.

[bullet]Step spacing is continuously variable by frequency modulation. A voltage controlled clock generator is built in.

[bullet]Each step is equipped with an independent trig-out jack so you can freely vary the number of steps in a sequence, or use the SQ-10 as a rhythm generator with a number of synthesizers.

[bullet]You can apply portamento to the output channels of both channel A and channel B.

[bullet]You can change the trigger signal length for each step. (Continuously variable relative trigger length)

[bullet]Built-in analog mixer lets you add together output voltages from each channel or from two sequencers used together.

"Automatic control of synthesizer pitch, tone color, and timing.

Program this affordable analog sequencer for automatic variable control of pitch, tone color, timing, and so forth, in a maximum 24-step (24-note) sequence. Or you can use the SQ-10 as a memory bank to preset 12 different tone colors for instant recall while playing the synthesizer. For live multi-keyboard performance, you'll welcome the new freedom and added control you get with the SQ-10."

"Can be used as a preset memory bank for synthesizer modules as well as for automatic performance.

3-channel output allows pitch, tone color and timing variation for up to 24-step sequences. An additional benefit of this analog design is that the sequencer can act as a preset memory bank by storing VCO, VCF, VCA and other module's control voltages for instant recall while playing. Automatic playback synchronised with rhythm machine timing is another exciting application (via trigger output on KR-55 or KR-33)."

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