[vc10 title]

Overview of Specifications 

Vocoder with built-in keyboard/polyphonic carrier source and gooseneck microphone

32 note keyboard, F-C

Octave range: 16' / 8'
Tuning: +/- 100 cents
"Accent bend"

Input signal balance: keyboard/noise
External signal level
Microphone level

VU meter
Control wheel

Output balance: simulator/microphone

Pitch control input: 1/3rd-oct / volt.

"Original Korg technology presents the ideal live performance vocoder. Your voice turns into a chorus; male voices become female vocals - with polyphonic chorus keyboard.

The vocoder was originally developed as an academic tool for analysing and recreating human speech. But on this device, even simple vowel variation took time to synthesize. Then, in April 1978, Korg unveiled the VC-10, the first vocoding musical instrument that was practical for use on the live stage.

Much easier to operate than a synthesizer, anyone can use the VC-10 on the very first try. Just talk into the microphone while playing the keyboard and you'll hear
polyphonic music with the unique characteristics of your voice. A wide range of controls lets you mix the 'dry' microphone sound with the simulated sound, add vibrato, and even use the octave switch to change a male voice into a female chorus effect. Instead of playing the keyboard, it's also easy to take any other kind of audio signal (synthesizer, electric guitar, tape recorder, etc.) and make it talk. This is unquestionably the most unique and exciting new instrument in years."

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