Korg PS Polyphonic Synthesizer PS-3100
Owners Manual

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Keyboard Volume Balance module

Figure 13 - Keyboard Volume   Balance

Figure 13 - Keyboard Volume Balance


This control is another unusual feature of the PS-3100. Although the knob is ordinarily set to the "0" position, its main use is to correct volume imbalances that may be caused by other sections of the synthesizer such as the KBD Filter Balance control of the D LPF section.

With all controls at the normal setting and the Keyboard Balance knob at "0", play a chord at the bottom, middle, and top of the keyboard and listen to the volume. Next try doing the same thing with the knob at "+5" and again at "-5". Note the differences in volume at different points on the keyboard.

When other units are connected to the PS-3100, the Keyboard Volume Balance and Filter balance of all units may be controlled at the same time by using the controls on the PS-3100.

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