Korg PS Polyphonic Synthesizer PS-3100
Owners Manual

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Modulation Generator module

Figure 14 - Modulation Generator

Figure 14 - Modulation Generator


Until now, synthesizers employed an LF0 (low frequency oscillator) which generated a modulating signal that was variable between 0.1Hz and 10Hz. However, in order to broaden the range of available frequencies, the PS-3100 is able to generate signals from below 0.1Hz to above 1kHz.

Using the Modulation Generator

Figure 15 - MG1 and the SG   module

Figure 15 - MG1 and the SG module

(1) With the Signal Generator section set as shown in fig. 15, vary the waveform and frequency of MGA and listen to the different effects. (in the case of pink noise and white noise, the position of the Frequency Knob will not change the effect.) The easiest way of experimenting with this effect is to first turn off the Hold switch and then play a single key.

Figure 16 - MG1 and the DLPF   module

Figure 16 - MG1 and the DLPF module

(2) Set the D LPF section as shown in figure 16 and then go through the same procedure as above. Note how in this case the waveform of MCA and the operation of the filters are related. (The Signal Generator controls should be at the normal setting.)

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