Korg PS Polyphonic Synthesizer PS-3100
Owners Manual

(1) CONTROL SECTION: Operation and principles ^


Small map of the control panel to show where this module is located

Diagram describing the signal generator section

This part of the synthesizer is the Voltage Controlled Oscillator or VC0 for short. All pitch related elements of the sound are controlled by this section.

While playing a key near the middle of the keyboard, try rotating each of the knobs one at a time from top to bottom to see what kind of effect they have on the sound.

In this case, the MG 1 INT (Modulation Generator 1 Intensity Control) and FXT INT knobs will only operate if you turn on the modulation switch.

Finally, set the Fine and Coarse tuning knobs to "0" and set all the small Temperament Adjust knobs at the far left precisely to the center "0" position. The PS-3100 is now tuned for a well-tempered scale.

VC0's include antilog amps, VC0's and waveform generators. It is the VC0 that is the basis of the music synthesizer's capabilities.

In the case of the PS-3100, the VC0 functions as a fixed oscillator when the signal is not frequency modulated. But in order to make possible large pitch bends, vibrato and other effects during a performance, the configuration of the VC0 is the same as that of ordinary monophonic synthesizers.

Some Scales Other Than The Well-Tempered Scale

Diagram describing other scales than equal temperament

Ex. 1 Mean Tone System. This is a scale used for medieval keyboard instruments. It features a pure major third.

Ex. 2 Just Intonation. A theoretical scale with a pure major third and fifth in C.

Ex. 3 Hepatonal Scale. This scale divides one octave into 7 equal intervals.

* For fine tuning we suggest using the KORG TUNING STANDARD.


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