Korg PS Polyphonic Synthesizer PS-3100
Owners Manual


If symptoms develop that seem to indicate trouble, first return all controls to normal settings. Then check for the source of the trouble. Check for any variation in pitch by connecting the modulation signal generators of the MGI, MG2, GEG, VP, and S/H to the SG section.

 Abnormalities due to misoperation (usIng only the built-in patch.)
Since there are some abnormalities that are not due to any breakdown, try checking the following points.

1) If the pitch is not accurate:

Figure 57

2) If the D LPF frequency is not accurate:

Figure 58

3) If no sound comes out (or the way it comes out is strange):

a. If the pitch is extremely high:

Figure 59

b. If the pitch is extremely low:

Figure 60

c. If the D LPF cutoff frequency is extremely low:

Figure 61

d. If the VCA1 does not operate when it is connected to the GEG:

Figure 62

e. If the output voltage of VCA2 is less than 0V when connected to the VP:

Figure 63

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