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The Normal Setting

Figure 2 - The Normal Setting

Fig. 2 shows the positions of all controls and switches for a normal setting.

With this setting, all modulation functions are disconnected to produce a basic organ tone.

After completing the normal setting, turn the amplifier volume all the way down and connect a patch cord from the Final Out Jack (F OUT) in the upper right hand corner of the panel to the amplifier's input jack. Then set the Final Volume Knob to "5".

Now, once you have made sure the rear panel power supply VOLTAGE SELECTOR is in the correct position, you are ready to turn on the power. With the power on, play a note or two on the keyboard and turn up the amplifier volume to an appropriate listening level.

If you are using stereo headphones, plug them into the PHONES jack and adjust the volume with the PHONE VOLUME knob. If you don't get an ordinary organ tone, check fig. 2 again to make sure all the settings are correct. This so called normal setting is the base upon which you will build in creating sounds. It is therefore a good idea to memorize the normal setting so that you call return the controls to their original positions whenever necessary. You will discover that this ability is a great help and convenience when working with the synthesizer.


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